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How do I get my media (photos, 8mm film, VHS tapes, etc.) to you?

You can bring it to our main facility at 24 Lark Industrial Parkway in Smithfield, Rhode Island, or to one of our drop-off locations throughout New England, or you can send it to us via courier (USPS, UPS, FEDEX, etc.).

Can you add music to our DVD?

Yes. This type of editing (scoring) is one of our creative strengths. Some discussion is required, and we’ll even help you find just the right music.

To what format will you transfer my video?

If you’re converting movie film, we transfer it to digital videotape (DV, or DVCPRO). We convert Camcorder and Videotapes directly to DVD, unless editing is required. If the final video is to be edited, then the original footage is captured into a digital video editing system. The edited final is then converted to DVD.

Will the DVD play in my DVD player and my computer?

We use DVD-R format, which is supported by almost all DVD players. If your computer has a DVD drive, and appropriate playback software, then it will also play on your computer.

Will you keep a copy of my media?

Many clients want to edit their footage after they screen their initial transfer. We retain digital videotape copies of your movie film for 60 days after we complete your job. After that, the tape gets recycled. We can also retain copies of your video footage if you request it.

Will I get my original media back?

Yes. We return your original materials to you exactly as you gave it to us.

How much does it cost to transfer videotapes?

Does your process involve video processing?

We can process your video upon request. These procedures involve color correction and audio adjustment.

How much video fits on a DVD disc?

We limit DVD content to 120 minutes per DVD in order to provide you with optimal quality video. At your request, we can fit 180 minutes on a DVD, with some quality loss.

Can I combine multiple videotapes to create a single DVD?

Yes. There is a slight additional charge for this. See the VIDEO TRANSFER Page.

Will I be able to edit the video myself?

If you request it, we can provide your footage to you in a file format which is suitable for editing. The particular file format will depend on whether you are a Mac or PC user. It might also depend on the capabilities of your editing software. We can help you to make this determination.