All videotape breaks down, losing signal information, and this deterioration can actually result in the tape erasing itself over time. Tape also wears each time it is played. It is easily damaged if run through a VCR that has not been properly maintained. The recorded signal can be damaged when placed near magnetic equipment. It has also become much more difficult to find reliable tape decks for many of the older analog formats.

Today’s technology means longer lifespan, greater convenience, and more use of your family memories. Unlike videotape, DVDs will not wear with use if handled properly. In addition, there are many different
storage options for media files. They can easily be shared across various social media platforms.

At Retromedia, we have the ability to convert to DVD for simple viewing or video file for editing, archiving, and restoration.


All videotapes are examined, assessed, and timed. DVD-R disks are created directly from original videotapes.


DVD, VHS, VHS-C, Video8, Hi8, DIGITAL 8, ¾” UMATIC, Mini DV, DVCAM, DVCPRO, MII, 1” TYPE C, BETAMAX, Betacam, BetaSP, Digital Betacam, POWERPOINT, Digital Media Files.


Prices include professional grade DVD, Basic disk printing (text-only black ink), and clear plastic Slim Case.


Minimum Charge is $22.50

For tapes 2 hours long or less:

# TapesPrice
2-4$21.00 ea.
5-10$20.00 ea.
11-20$19.00 ea.
21-30$18.00 ea.
31-40$17.00 ea.
41-50$16.00 ea.
51-75$15.00 ea.
76-100$14.00 ea.

For tapes longer than 2 hours (LP – up to 240 minutes) – add $7.50 to above prices

For tapes longer than 4 hours (SLP – up to 360 minutes) – add $10.50 to above prices

We generally limit recording to a maximum of 120 minutes (2 hours) per DVD in order to maintain optimal picture quality. Longer recordings may have reduced image resolution.

Multiple source tapes on same DVD – add $3.50 per additional tape.

Multiple copies of final DVD

# DVDsPrice
1 – 3 additional DVDs$8.50 per DVD
4 – 9 additional DVDs$7.50 per DVD
10 – 20 additional DVDs$6.50 per DVD
21 – 45 additional DVDs$5.50 per DVD
46-100 additional DVDs$4.50 per DVD

$30 per hour

Any editing, scene re-arranging, scene deletion, trimming, color correction, scoring, titles, GFX, etc.

Prices are subject to change without notice