Audiovisual media library archive conversion for your business or organization

Many organizations have important audiovisual records. Retromedia can assess your collection and help you to manage it all. We work with a wide range of professional clients and provide them with consistent professional results.

Magnetic tapes like video cassettes and audio recordings, transparencies, motion picture film, and other outdated media formats are subject to deterioration over time. Reliable playback machines (projectors, VCRs, cassette players, etc.) are becoming harder to find, and the task of maintaining these machines is problematic.

Conversion services by Retromedia will create ease of use of your collection and make sharing of your media simple and straightforward.

Professional Clientele

Retromedia has provided corporate and industrial clients with a variety of conversion services:

  • Splat Pictures (8mm Film); IMAGE RETRIEVAL
  • Benny’s (B&W Motion Picture Film); DIGITAL CAPTURE
  • The Johnston Historical Society (Photographs); PHOTO CAPTURE
  • Sokolove Law (Multi-Format); LIBRARY ARCHIVING
  • Flint Audio Video (Media Conversion); PHOTO, SLIDE, AUDIO & VIDEO CONVERSION
  • RocJo Productions (3/4” Videotape); IMAGE RETRIEVAL
  • Maverick Productions (Reel to Reel Conversion); AUDIO RETRIEVAL
  • The John Biddle Film Library (16mm Film); ARCHIVING
  • The Big East Conference (3/4’ Videotape); DIGITAL CONVERSION
  • The Rhode Island Jewish Historical Association (Audio Cassettes); SOUND PROCESSING AND RETRIEVAL
  • Princess House (Multi-Format); VIDEO EDITING
  • Olympian Press (Media Conversion); PHOTO & SLIDE CONVERSION
  • Chesterwood Museum (16mm Film); IMAGE RETRIEVAL
  • National Trust for Historic Preservation (Motion Picture Film); ARCHIVING
  • RI College
  • Providence College
  • University of Rhode Island
  • ABC6
  • Barnstable County
  • Fall River City Council
  • Hearthside House Museum
  • Warner Public Relations
  • All Stars Project
  • Cranston Historical Society
  • Johnston Historical Society
  • Smithfield Public Library
  • Shoreline Productions
  • Chase Machine