Film-based and electronic media deteriorate over time. That means nostalgic moments recorded on film and tapes are at risk of being lost forever. Time takes its toll on our cherished history.

Everyone has old home movies, photos, slides and other media that sit in boxes for years. These family treasures collect dust and deteriorate with every year that goes by – films, photos, videotapes, audiotapes, all slowly being lost to time. Retromedia offers high quality, low cost solutions to restoring and preserving your best memories.

We take outdated audiovisual formats and convert them to current digital media like CD, DVD, and computer files. With your film and video in digital form, you can easily enjoy and share with family and friends, especially on YouTube, Vimeo and social media sites like Facebook and Twitter.

Media Conversions by Retromedia are great family entertainment, and an absolutely wonderful gift. Restore your irreplaceable memories by contacting Retromedia, New England’s Media Conversion specialists.


Movie Films are now old enough to show signs of deterioration. As it ages, film begins to shrink. Light breaks down the chemical dyes in the emulsion, and the color begins to fade. Exposure to moisture and high humidity causes mold. Over time, the film becomes brittle, sprocket holes tear, and splices break. Further projection causes irreparable damage.


Changes in temperature and humidity over a period of years greatly affect audio tapes. Our most cherished recordings are subject to magnetic particle deterioration through normal aging. This results in loss of the recorded signal.


Video tapes deteriorate faster than any other storage medium. While most videotapes have a lifespan of 15 or 20 years, it’s important to convert our family memories before the signs of deterioration begin to show. Distorted sound and color, tracking problems, and dropouts indicate that a tape’s contents can be easily lost to the passing of time.


Over time, photographs discolor and fade. Changes in temperature and humidity can cause cracking and separation of the image from the base. Photos stored in a shoebox can curl or wrinkle. Eventually, all photos fall subject to yellowing, creases, and wrinkles.


Slides are very vulnerable to color degradation and scratches. Slides must be properly stored away from heat, moisture, exposure to light, dust and mold. Average lifespan of slides is about 30 years if stored perfectly. Playing slides in a slide projector is nearly impossible since finding a working projector is extremely difficult.

Now is the time to take action to protect and share your best memories. Convert your outdated and fading films and tapes to a secure digital medium for safe archiving.