Ed DiMeglio

President & Senior Cinemologist


Ed DiMeglio is a 40-year veteran of film/video production, and broadcast television. He is a recipient of the Emmy, Telly, and Cine Golden Eagle Awards for television and independent film production. An expert in Cine Film technology, his many years of experience in that field have given him a truly unique set of skills, providing his clientele with unmatched expertise in media conversion solutions. Ed has digital conversions and transfers, plus archival services for film libraries, television stations, sports networks, historical collections, publishing companies, and corporate/industrial enterprises.

Lou Leta

VP Sales/Marketing, Head Videologist


Lou Leta has been on the forefront of technology since he first grabbed a camera as a young boy in 1972. 40 years and numerous Emmy, Telly and Videography awards later he is still on the cutting edge of technology running a successful Video Production & Consulting business in the Metro Boston area. Lou has worked with almost all recording mediums including film, video, audio and now HD solid state capture devices producing a wide variety of content for local, regional and national clients. In fact, Panasonic Corp. has hired him as a digital technologist since 1995 to help launch a number of their digital video cameras, recording formats and other products. Lou eats, breathes and sleeps digital technology as it’s his passion to produce, share and educate others on the digital chaos that surrounds us.

Alan Hasegawa

Senior Mediologist


Alan Hasegawa

Alan graduated from Harvard University in 1979 with a B.A. in Visual Studies. He has profound experience as a graphic designer, paste-up artist, and model builder. Alan has spent more than two decades developing single screen and multi-image slide shows, training programs, company publications, and audiotapes. Video producer and editor understate his role as a great communicator. Alan is a brilliant editor, with vast experience in digital editing techniques across all computer platforms. As our resident Macintosh expert, he has helped many of our clients to navigate the problems that inevitably arise using the latest digital video files on a multitude of computers and operating systems. Alan is a digital conversion specialist, and the technical “brains” behind many of our unique services.

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